About Us

West Lothian News is a not-for-profit day-to-day online publication. We look for to promote public understanding and knowledge through top quality evidence-based news, commentary, analysis, and investigative. Our staff is consisted of expert editors and reporters, in addition to multimedia, social media, interactions, advancement, technology and business supervisors.

Our company believes that journalism has a fundamental function in promoting a healthy and just society. We for that reason take seriously our duty to look for fact and report it; decrease damage to people and neighborhoods through precise reporting; act individually; deal energetic commentary, argument, and viewpoint based upon reality and considered thinking; and be responsible and transparent to our readers.

Like other leading publication, we are read by many audiences. Through our work, we look for to interfere with deceptive media and political stories; promote precise reporting on our core concerns throughout online, print, and broadcast media; and eliminate fallacies and false information spread out by those who look for political gain from weakening public health and human rights or misrepresenting proof.

We avoid incorrect equivalencies, think in the separation of church and state, are confident to call out defects in traditional knowledge, and do not promise obligation to any political party, legislator, or company. In other words, our reporting is concentrated on the impacts and results of power on the realities of real people, regardless of who really wields that power.