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Welcome to Enjoy-a-Ball – sports coaching for children

Enjoy-a-Ball is a sports coaching programme for girls and boys aged between three and nine. All lessons are taught in a caring, positive, fun-filled environment and there are never more than 10 children in a class. Our objective is to make children's first experiences in a sports coaching environment happy and memorable.

Fun ball sports

In the early years we introduce children to fun, creative games to develop gross motor skills. As they progress through the stages, we gradually develop their sports-specific skills and confidence across eight ball sports in a non-competitive environment. Small class sizes help ensure your child gets as much individual attention as possible and we provide plenty of positive reinforcement.

Giving children the confidence they need for a lifetime of success

Our role is not to develop sports stars. Rather, we are passionate about giving children, through sport, a solid foundation from which to develop many aspects of their lives. As well as physical improvements, we carefully develop life skills, such as confidence, concentration, social interaction, sportsmanship values and many more, in a caring and fun environment.

We provide children with skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

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Head Office: Enjoy-a-Ball UK Ltd, 1 St Colme Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6AA, Scotland. Tel: +44 (0) 8452 26 26 94.
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