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will having a Conservative Provost be good for West Lothian?
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One up to the neds
Tuesday, 29 May 2007
SIR, Here's something that the new SNP administration could tackle. It's a little known policy carried out by the jobsworths in WLC's housing department, probably at the behest of the management: namely, that the council is trying to walk away from renting garages which they own.I was one such renter.

Step forward helpful neds who congregate nightly in the abandoned garage next door to mine. They obviously ran out of buckie, fags and spliffs one evening, broke down the flimsy wooden doors of my garage and trashed or stole a number of items in there.

Apart from the fact that the neds names' are generally well known in the area, they got off scot-free, because they weren't seen to be committing the crime. We did offer to pay to replace the door with something more solid if we could keep renting. But we can't. The council has decreed that because of a infraction on the lease i.e. storing items which we didn't have a chance to sort through after a previous house move, WLC could stop renting the garage to me.

Here's a suggestion: if the neds have any structural knowledge, why don't they knock these 2 now-abandoned garages into one? It will allow many more to congregate under the one roof and allow them to get on with intimidating the local residents in un-cramped comfort. I'm sure they can nick a drinks cabinet from somewhere just so they have somewhere to store their fortified wine, ciggies,beer and marijuana. Then they could erect themselves a decent door so their illegal stash is safe.

As for me, I couldn't afford to pay the storage costs which the council threatened to levy against me as they themselves intended breaking into my garage themselves and hauling away its contents.  
Frank Lynch, East Calder

Whatever next?
Wednesday, 03 January 2007
SIR, Golliwogs on sale in West Lothian? Better get the "tin helmet and sandbags" out, the PC brigade will out en masse with this.

S.J.  West Lothian

Is this why it's called affordable housing
Wednesday, 20 December 2006

SIR, I would like to ask the council a question.

I was looking at the new build houses at the end of Deans South and noticed they have put a stud frame between the two houses.

Is there not  there supposed to be bricks and mortar and what's to stop a fire going into the house next door.

Or is this why they are called cheap and affordable housing.

Name supplied, West Lothian

The Rev's Christmas mesage
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
SIR, just a quick note to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (however politically incorrect that may be) to all the readers

Things have been very hectic of late however I still manage to read the letters page and can’t help noticing that even although I’m not playing the Devil’s advocate any more people are still having a go at each other so I assume that all those that thought I was the root cause of that will be humbly apologising.

Thanks to John Stewart from Craigshill for enquiring after my well-being, I can assure him that I am alive and well - in fact fitter and better than I have been for a few years.

S.J. appears to be doing his best but it is difficult when brilliant wits like Mr Lard (he’s a self-made man and worships his creator) and Mr Corbett (delusions of adequacy) are the adversaries - a graceful taunt is worth a thousand insults.

It’s good to see a lot of new blood contributing especially William Stewart from Broxburn and Brenda Jackson of Whitburn.

W.S.W. Scrooge of Whitburn does not seem to realise that you pay for your own electricity so if you want to have Christmas lights on then by all means do so – after all you are paying for it.

 “Orange” Tommy is still sending in the same old stuff with the words changed around a bit, Frank Lynch is as boring as usual but Chris from Ladywell is starting to talk a bit of sense at long last so things are looking up at long last.

If I’ve missed anyone out then please accept my apologies in advance.

I was in a local supermarket the other day and there, next to the tills manned by resentful, slack-jawed Pollards, there are collecting tins asking for spare change on behalf of the mug punters who have “lost” their Christmases due to the Farepak scandal. I am momentarily stunned, then outraged.

Excuse me, but the last time I looked, the Great British Public wasn’t to blame for the Farepak collapse. The Great British Public hadn’t used that money to shore up other failing companies. The Great British Public hadn’t done a runner to their foreign villas with suitcases containing millions of quid. So why should we be asked to bail out the poor mugs who’d fallen for this scam? Because that’s what it was.

In my day, a man used to call at the front door every Friday evening (after the rent man and just before the bloke from the Pru) to collect from my mother the Christmas Club sixpence. Each contribution was scrupulously entered into a little book, which was then kept in a kitchen drawer along with other essential household paperwork like the Green Shield Stamps book and the Co-op divi number.

Then, in early December, there’d be a day of neighbourhood madness when money would be thrown about as if there was no tomorrow. Satsumas and chocolate money were bought, along with crackers and a small bottle of sweet sherry for Auntie Mary, who used to occasionally overdo it and then hurl vile abuse about Wallace Simpson at the black and white telly during the Queen’s Speech.

Certainly, we had the occasional scandal. Every five years or so the current Christmas Club treasurer would suddenly go missing in late November only to be found hiding in a Salcoats B&B with a peroxide cleaner called Agnes. It got to the point that minders were appointed around Bonfire Night who would then “accompany” the treasurer every time he left his house. Should the clanking of massed sixpences be heard about his person, he’d be quickly escorted back home to reconsider his behaviour.

It’s a shame no-one did that for Farepak, but I’m still confused as to why people sent them money in the first place. From my understanding (and, not being one of the Underclass, that’s limited) people didn’t earn interest on what they gave to Farepak. They didn’t get cut-rate goods – indeed, the contents of some hampers appeared to cost far more than they would have done at the shops (and how many tins of Olde Oak ham do you want?). The fabled “High Street shopping vouchers” were just that, only you didn’t get change from your £20 voucher for your £18.99 purchase.

All in all, it seems like gross stupidity on the part of the customers. They gained nothing and lost everything. A savings account, a credit card or those savings stamps you can buy in supermarkets would have achieved the same thing without the risk of losing it all. Not to mention the man from the Christmas Club.

Finally once again Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Rev R. McCluskey, Ladywell

Christmas light display is for the kids
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
SIR, Would it be possible to stop using my house on your web site for such articles how this is effecting the environment, I accept the comment that this is not everybody’s cup of tea however global warning due to needless consumption of electricity (I PAY FOR IT I AM NOT ASKING FOR ANY ONE TO PAY MY BILL) this tax is included in the bill it is called VAT

If you could put a price on how much it takes to cheer up the local kids and to see there faces when they see the lights.

As a qualified electronics engineer working for the European union with regards to the WEEE directive and the RoHS directives I would like the reader to know that every decoration we have on our house has been tested an conform to the latest environmental laws.

The next time a kind gentleman asks if he can use our house for you news I sorry the answer would have to be no, We were not inform on how much negative Reponses would be added.

I will restate a previous comment IT IS FOR THE KIDS

I expect my house will be removed from all your publications

M B, Blackburn

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