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will having a Conservative Provost be good for West Lothian?
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How can you get worked up over religion?
Monday, 18 December 2006
SIR, I don't know how Tommy Davidson and Frank Lynch can get so worked up about religious issues.

Traditional religion in this country [christian faiths] has been dying a slow death for years, maybe instead of wasting time on what religious faith you're trying to uphold, protect, defend, whatever. It may be a better idea to teach a Value Base type style of education. I.e, respect your neighbour, respect your teacher, embrace diversity, non-judgemental style of teaching.

The next time the opportunity arises, why don't you ask kids who go to religious lessons at school, if they really care about the subject, if they're being honest, the majority would probably say no.
Whether we like it or not, Scotland is a sectarian country more than it is a religious one, just because we have history tying us to a faith, can we not cut the bonds and grow. Are Ulster Scots farmers and Irish Labourers settling in Scotland really relevant in modern Scotland ? How far back into history do you want to go ? Maybe we should exile all the current Scots in Scotland, back to the places they originally started from and bring back the true bloodline of the Pict's, get rid of Christmas and Christianity, bring back Yuletide and Pagan festivals, celebrate the Winter Solstice with a huge party, hand out gifts, get drunk, have a huge meal, fight, get even more drunk, have more food and even more drink.

No wait, that sounds too much like Christmas, maybe that's because Christianity 'STOLE' Christmas from the Pagans and every other decent thing they ever had and warped it for their own needs.
Perhaps this is why 2000 years of Christianity later, the likes of  Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley have a political platform and the ears of the world. How many people actually go to a church or a chapel these days Frank and Tommy ? [not your particular houses of faith because I'm sure they're packed with once a week Christians every Sunday or Saturday because Sundays suddenly becoming to inconvenient, day of rest? even from church?] I read somewhere that it's overall something like 8% of the population [maybe the Scotsman, can't remember but I'm sure you religious nut jobs do] . 8% of the population ! Telling the rest of us what to do !

J.M from Livingston. The Catholic vote ! Do you mean the 2% of the 8% of the population that go to church ? How many people is that ? 100,000 or thereabouts, are they all voters ? Is everyone in the Chapel a voting adult ? Can we presume they're not ? Lets take away the people too young to vote, shall we call it 30,000 ? Right there's 70,000 voting Catholics left, don't wet yourself with excitement Tommy, remember it's hypothetical. In the last election the percentage of people eligible to vote who actually did averaged somewhere in the 60% range, let's assume that's the trend with our R.C voters, that gets rid of roughly another 28,000 Church going Catholic voters which leaves us with 42,000 church attending Catholic voters, hardly a political giant, there are probably more people still giving their vote to the S.S.P.
All that Tommy and Frank do is scaremonger, with counter allegations against each other and half truths, which spread no religious message and serves no purpose apart from setting two groups of people against each other, while both hide behind religious banners in the hope that their bigoted views are distorted. J.M doesn't help matters either and god in whatever form suits you, whatever religion you are, if you even exist, protect us from the likes of Stephen Doyle.
E.H, Seafield
P.S , J.M maybe you meant the non churchgoing Catholic vote ? You know the one, where someones went to a R.C school but they haven't been to chapel for years because they feel no connection to the faith and are therefore not Catholic but in your eyes they always will be [possibly], so what you meant by the Catholic vote was, 'once a Catholic, always a Catholic', regardless of church attendance or belief in the faith ? Sounds kind of similar to 'once a bigot, always a bigot,' doesn't it ?

Hooray for Global Warming!
Monday, 18 December 2006
SIR, No more sliding on icy footpaths when walking our pooches; no windscreen scraping before driving off; no burst water pipes; frostbound playing fields a thing of the past; only indoor curling; less elderly people suffering from hypothermia.

The list seems endless.  Hooray for Global Warming!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody.

J Stewart, Craigshill

Frankly, your views are suspicious
Friday, 15 December 2006
SIR, Frank we agree on one point.

"Religion should be kept behind the doors of church, chapel or mosque".

I am not sure your saying all children should go to one school, is that the view of the SNP party to help clean up the issue of sectariansim or do they not have a view or policy?

If your view is that I am a bigot because I want the same as others then your entitled to your opinion.  Again I say to you I am Pro-Protestant and not anti anything so wise up and get real.  I want equal rights for all.

The Education system stinks as my faith which is the majority of Scotland's population discriminates their history in the non-denom schooling.

It's is my civil right that's being denied in Scotland's non-denom school, why?

Maybe the MSP for education could write in and answer these questions or is her faith ok?

I think you will find that the majority of the general public agree with my view not just on this letters page.

You mentioned little about the Cardinals views, why Franky boy?

Nothing about equal rights?

Anyway Frank we all knew you would write in and respond, think we all know your suspicious views.

Have a very merry Christmas Frank and I hope Santa is good to you !

Tommy Davidson, West Lothian 

No clowning about with vocabulary
Friday, 15 December 2006
SIR, Dear T.B, that will be me told then.

Now moving on, after all this time isn't it interesting that Lard and Corbett are heading towards loggerheads with each other ? Letter after letter from them both, with the common theme, 'bring down S.J', then Corbett deems Ken Lard unreadable [something we all knew, for a long time] and now Mr Lard deems Corbett a 'clown'.

For all the  words he could have chosen from his vast list of fancy words, which he could have put into his wonderfully correctly punctuated, super duper, magical Ken Lard, dream colour, HD ready, 'the future's bright the futures Lard', 'I'm number 1 so why try harder' ? Magical wonderland of spelling, good grammar and 'correct me if I'm wrong but I'm always right' argument style of prose. That in his hour of need, he attacks Corbett with 'CLOWN'.

I wonder whether just before he typed in 'CLOWN' if Mr Lard caught himself in the mirror at that moment and felt a surge of inspiration ?

Harry Elliot, Seafield

Thicker skin could be required
Friday, 15 December 2006
SIR, I hurt William Kirkton's feelings, I'm so sorry.

Ken Lard is a crackpot William, you may still be gormless but for now I'll defer that you are not,[time will tell in the long run] S.J is a crackpot also. I'd like to suggest to you William [my friend ?], that we let these two crackpots fight it out ?

My feeling is that S.J will win in the end as Mr Lard seems to become more deranged with every letter he writes.

Once again William please accept my regret at the gormless jibe. To borrow the title of a Smiths song, 'William it was really nothing'.

T Booker, Bathgate

P.S Can I suggest if I may William, that if your family are stuck for what to buy you for Christmas, maybe you could ask them to have a whipround for you, so that you have sufficent funds to buy yourself a thicker skin ?

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