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will having a Conservative Provost be good for West Lothian?
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School's not the place for religion
Friday, 15 December 2006
SIR, To Tommy Davidson, I don't think school is the place for religion: Catholic, Protestant, Islam or any variation thereof.

Religion should be kept behind the doors of church, chapel or mosque.

But if he attends the morning assembly in most non-denominational schools in Scotland, he will generally find that it's being conducted by a protestant minister.

Catholic schools exist because the Catholic church subsidises them to the tune of £20 million per year; so economically speaking, the Protestant religion has the best deal, in that it doesn't have to stump up a penny to get their message across in Scottish schools.

Until the early 20 century, the Protestant church ran most of the schooling in Scotland; however they handed that burden across to the state.

Surely if Tommy wants to get his orange tinted view of Protestantism across in Scottish schools, he and his ilk should reach into their own pockets and subsidise them in the same manner as his hated roman religious adversaries?

In other words, put your money where your bigoted mouth is.
Frank Lynch, East Calder

Brenda's back and off to Beecraigs
Friday, 15 December 2006
SIR, Brenda Jackson here, may I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind words and for making me feel very welcome.

I'm going to Beecraigs Country Park on Sunday to buy a Christmas tree for the garden.

This will be my first look at the Bathgate Hills, which everyone is telling me are quite beautiful, we'll have to wait and see, I'll let you all know what I think about them next time I write.

S.J you're a smoker ? I'm very suprised at that as a man who rowed the Union Canal, I thought you'd be some sort of fitness fanatic. How do you feel about the smoking ban S.J, has it helped you to cut down ?

William Kirkton, I'm just desperate to know, what kind of havoc is not having an Ann Summers, impacting on your shopping needs ? I've never found the lack of one has had any real impact on my shopping requirements but we all have our little quirks, enlighten me William, do you panic when you're not near a Rampant Rabbit outlet ?

Dear Editor thank you for your kind E-Mail it was thoroughly appreciated. I hope to write again next week but with the holidays coming up, time just flies away, before we all know it, it will be 2007.

Ta Ta for know. Best Wishes to you all.

Brenda Jackson, Whitburn

Outdoor Cristmas decorations are waste of electricity
Thursday, 14 December 2006

SIR, we hear in the news about the amount of energy the public consumes on household appliances left on standby, lights left on homes and how this needless consumption of electricity adds to the problem of Global Warming.

The public seem to be up in arms at this needless consumption and how we are destroying the environment for our children until, it seems, when Christmas comes along.

How much electricity are people wasting when they "decorate" the front of their houses like anightmareish "Las Vegas winter wonderland"?

In my opinion these decorations are an eyesore.  If people want to decorate the front of their house in this way then they should be made to pay for the privilege.  They should apply for some sort of planning permission from the Council and if it is granted they should then be made to pay for a licence to carry out this work.  What makes it worse is the fact that we seem to encourage this behaviour by showing West Lothian's "best" decorated houses.

Electricity bills are high enough without this needless drain on our resources.  Subtle decorations are far more effective, in my opinion, than these monstrosities.

If someone asks what the buzzing sound is tell them not to worry as it's just the electricity consumption in West Lothian increasing over the Christmas period.  It'll sort itself out the next time they get their electricity bill.

It would seem that winter time is also the season for wearing sunglasses.

W.S.W - Whitburn

Last Updated ( Thursday, 14 December 2006 )
Let's have a referendum on separate schools
Thursday, 14 December 2006
SIR, Would Jack McConnell and Labour agree to a referendum on the separate school issue, if they gain power in MAY 2007 after all he's addressing all areas of sectarianism.

Let democracy and Scotland's people, decide what's impacting sectarianism.

The majority of Scotland would vote to send all kids to one school and we all know it.

Cardinal O'Brien's statement yesterday "Bash a Pape" could have been real in the 70's but the majority know we have all moved on.  In the same hand if he was being fair he could have said the same for Protestants "Bash a Prod".  This display and his choice of words incites cultures a week before an old firm game.

What silly statement would Cadinal O'Brien have to say on this point?

Give me my own schools with, my own teachings, my heritage, my culture, my history, my ancestors and teach my people tolerance & respect towards others.

He made no reference to equal rights for all yesterday.  Catholics are very fortunate in this country in my view.  I only want what they have and that's my own schools.  How many Catholic's would back Protestants to have their own education system rather than send all children to one school?

I would say none, not a Councillor, not an MSP nor MP because they all duck their heads in the sand from this issue.

Scotland will rid bigotry when it gives civil & equal rights for all faiths and when politicians tackle the real issues.

Anyway, I wish all faiths a very Merry Christmas and Peace to us all in 2007.

Tommy Davidson, West Lothian

PC brigade are runing Christmas
Thursday, 14 December 2006
SIR, I have to comment on this political nonsense which is ruining Christmas for everyone.

In most cases of people insisting that we call it “winterfest” as opposed to Christmas or offices not allowing decorations to be put up, these decisions are taken by white middle management who are afraid to offend anyone, not by the Muslims who get all the flack for it.

I would think if you polled the Muslim community on this issue a massive return would say that they are not offended by Christmas decorations or people enjoying the season of goodwill to ALL men (and I suppose someone will say I should have put people there), what they will be offended by is some of the ignorant public presuming that it is them who object to this and that is where the issue is causing problems.

I know several muslim families who although they don’t celebrate Christmas as such, they themselves will participate in present giving to help their children adjust and when it comes down to their own religions time for celebration the celebrate the religious part but don’t give the gifts.

All I am trying to say here is well who causes the problems at this time of year?? Is it the Muslims or the middle management who creates the rules and sit back and watch everyone squabble,.

I love Christmas but have never been to a church in my life, I don’t love it because of the religious side I love because every year I get a rubbish jumper which I can give to the cat and also a chance to see friends and relatives that otherwise might not see. So I say everyone unite and remember that it is not all about religion its about getting up and smiling because you know for the next two weeks you will see more re-runs of Only fools and horses than you can shake a stick at.

Can I also wish each and every reader a fabulous Christmas and a very prosperous new year.

Chris, Ladywell

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