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will having a Conservative Provost be good for West Lothian?
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Does Armadale want a community development trust?
Wednesday, 13 December 2006
SIR, thank you for your recent telephone call concerning the comments made by Mrs Rosie Wells in the Armadale NEWS.

I received a copy of same from West Lothian Council.

As chairman of Armadale Community Council, at our meeting on 9th November 2006, I have perused through Mrs Wells' comments, on her own web site, and may I take the opportunity of responding to same.

Firstly, I am extremely disappointed with the remarks made by the writer, since September Armadale Community Council has advised that the members have not elected anyone to a Steering Group for an Armadale Community Development Trust. However, this was done at our meeting on the 9th November when three councillors, namely Scott MacKay, Andrew Smart and Joe Waddell, put their names forward for nomination.

I did point out to Mrs Wells that we did not recognise the meeting held on the 1st November 2006 at which she was nominated as Interim Chairperson. That is very different to her conclusions that we did not accept her position as Interim Chairperson. Personally I would have proposed her for the position, but that is a decision for the people of Armadale - if they wish a Community Development Trust in the first place.

I am also saddened that the writer did not make reference to such a worthwhile movement which has been promoted by past and present community councillors. One name springs to mind - that of the late Margaret Dundas MBE, who was a long-serving member of the Community Council and a staunch supporter of the people of Armadale. However, this is now an opportunity to work for Armadale and the Community Council hope to have a public meeting in early January 2007.

I have asked for a copy of Armadale Community Council's constitution to be sent to Mrs Wells and trust it will be noted that it does not hold any political views.

The members thank your readers for their interest and support for the community council and we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Alex Horne, Chairman, Armadale Community Council - working for Armadale

Christmas is a Christian festival in a Christian country
Wednesday, 13 December 2006
SIR, I received a cartoon through a 3rd party, showing a Santa obviously dumbfounded by the event politicians call "Winterfest". The originator said I would find it "Appropriate", still trying to work out why! or have I missed something.
I am a believer of all things Christmas, both in respect of giving and receiving, as well the fact that it is a Christian festival in a Christian country.

Can Johnny Cash who has the house with no name, care to elaborate on why? I am, sure as hell, missing the point. Or does the sender accept that PC has gone overboard and that he is now repenting his ways and wants to meet up for a Christmas drink?.

I would only have to disappoint him, I don't drink and I can't get in anywhere as I am a smoker so, it would need to be somewhere in the open with a portable ash tray.
S.J.  West Lothian

Last Updated ( Monday, 11 December 2006 )
When will separate schools system be questioned?
Wednesday, 13 December 2006
SIR, as another "sectarian summit" goes past the real issue still has not been mentioned!,

How many summits and taxpayers money is it going to cost until the separate schooling system is questioned?

It's so bad that a spokesman for the Roman Catholics in Scotland has admitted that its time to take a step back from football and parades; he says its a social thing.

Surely splitting children up at an early age,making them think they are different or even better than others is the root of the problem? It is 2006 - America have schools for all, racial tensions there are much better than they were 30-40 years ago, why cant we do the same??

Is it because Labour needs the R.C vote?
J.M   Livingston

Correspondent has tunnel vision
Monday, 11 December 2006

SIR, It is pleasing to see a woman joining the usual writers ( if they can be termed that).

I am also pleased that Brenda has discovered the delights of market shopping, as not having an Ann Summer's outlet can play havoc with your shopping needs.

Mr Lard has rightfully pinpointed SJ's failure to counter any argument put to him. SJ not only has tunnel vision, but a black hole where his brain should be (something goes in to it but then disappears mysteriously).

As for TB, his assertion that I am gormless was extremely hurtful in this season of goodwill to all men (and women). I was only trying to help my fellow citizens appreciate the richness of the English language, expand their knowledge, and take them out of their need to spout reactionary rubbish.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

William Kirkton, West Lothian

All quiet on the letters front
Sunday, 10 December 2006
SIR, Can I just say what a quiet week it's been on the letters page this week.

As a regular reader can I say that this week has been quite blissful due to the lack of activity from Corbett, Lard and S.J [even though S.J has had his weekly fix with the pretentious 'It's only words']. I have no doubt these people are writing and sending in letters but I get the feeling the editor is not going to publish their drivel anytime soon.

Hopefully by not publishing Corbett and his ilk this letters page can attract more people like Brenda Jackson, who's letter was like a fresh breath of air, compared to the odious windbreakers we're normally subjected to. This is my first letter as well and I'd like to take the chance to welcome Brenda to West Lothian.

Sir, please note that I am not suggesting you are censoring Corbett, Lard etc but if you are thank you.

Harry Elliot, Blackridge

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