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will having a Conservative Provost be good for West Lothian?
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Time to become a donor
Sunday, 10 December 2006
SIR, There was report on the TV that pricked my conscience, lack of blood donors.

The report stated that Scotland is seriously down on donations, this is at it's lowest level since records began. The blood service need to be at a level of 6 days requirements to ensure people are treated properly, this level has dropped to 3 days.

I would like to bring it to the attention of your readers that we should do our best to keep stocks up, I am a donor of  20+ donations and, I will be making an extra effort over the next few weeks to give another one.

Tis the season of goodwill, make this your starting point and carry on into the New Year and beyond, you will be an unnamed hero to someone.
S.J.  West Lothian

Failing to like SJ - but still trying
Sunday, 10 December 2006
SIR, Note to SJ, The terms c**n and n****r are never acceptable on any terms, least of all this letters page.

These words are used mostly between black males [mainly American] as a tool to make them less attractive as racial  ammo for white racists . Therefore, are you a Black American or just another white racist seeing what you can get away with?

See your G.P for medication S.J and keep checking in with your psychiatrist .

T Booker, Bathgate
P.S I'm trying to like you S.J but i'm failing . Why?

Bitter and twisted people of the world unite
Sunday, 10 December 2006
SIR, Well done SJ. A well worked piece explaining why political correctness can theoretically erode the language to such an extent that we are left with nothing meaningful.

Problem is I never defended political correctness. I only noted that there was more to liberal democracy than political correctness. Political correctness is not an end in it self. Moreover in many ways, like you, I think it's an overused.  Given that you make the valid point that there is no place in a decent society for blatantly discriminatory words.

A problem persists: namely that you see the three "learned" individuals as an aggregate. One bogey man.This is not so. I never picked you up for misuse of English that other clown did. So I'm deeply offended that I would change my liberal minds if I got a taste of reality through a close member of the
family been murdered, blown up by terrorists or something else horrid happening.

As I have stated if something of that scale did happen then I would surely reconsider my views. After all I believe we understand our world through study, experience and reflection.

However, you give an interesting insight into your worldview: bitter and twisted people of the world unite.

I don't support terrorists, murderers, thieves etc. I've not commented on Ireland the gulf or given many of my opinions away. Being liberal or having like you some respect for political correctness does not mean that I think people should be let off or that I must join or support extremists. Don't be silly. All I did was criticise you. Your pontificating and lack of ability to listen to others finally got to me. For example the clown Corbett when criticising you put forward a counter argument backed with evidence from the prison service. You rubbished it without a counter argument of any substance.

SJ I really did like your last contribution about words meanings, dictionaries and thesaurus. I would advice you to look carefully in these books for meanings in the future. After all when you mention a need to see a lawyer did you mean psychiatrist?

Kenneth Lard, West Lothian

I love my West Lothian NEWS
Friday, 08 December 2006
SIR, please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Brenda Jackson and I've just moved through to West Lothian very recently.

When I was on the web looking up stuff about West Lothian you know the usual stuff, where to shop, where to eat etc, I came across this West Lothian News site which I think is great. It's been invaluble to me & my partner .

We are really enjoying going round our new county & town [Whitburn] & especially going to Bathgate on market day [great bargains]. We have also been to Livingston Centre which I must say is very intimidating to two girls from the borders .

I find this letters page interesting & also stimulating . This is my first letter but I have read all of the  hundred & ninety odd already posted here & I find the range of topics discussed very wide & enjoyable & now that I've taken the plunge & wrote & submitted my first one , theres going to be no stopping me . I hope to submit something at least once a week !

I hope to find friends in here as this will help me settle in & feel part of the scheme of things . I just know I'm going to learn a lot about what West Lothian is all about here .

I turn 40 next year let's see how we get on between now & then, some of you contributors might even be friends with me by then, you could even be at my party [wouldn't that be awesome?].

How cool would it be to see S.J & Ken Lard in the same room folks? I bet they would end up the best of friends [don't you?]. Well I'd better be of now I didn't realise the time [nearly midnight, naughty girl], I hadn't realised I'd wrote so much, I'll probably feel like a right fool when I read this in the morning [I bet a lot of you contributors do,especially after a few drinks, eh?].

Good night folks , enjoy the festive season [or try to some of you], looking forward to reading your stuff, thanks to the editor & the staff for this letters page & also West Lothian News in general.

Brenda Jackson, Whitburn

Who will you vote for?
Friday, 08 December 2006
SIR, Who will you vote for in May?

We all know the Lib Dems will get into bed with any Party ie: Tommy Sheridan or Colin Fox, Salmond or Sturgeon

The SNP hate the thought of staying linked to the UK yet can provide us with no figures or facts in terms of how will it affect the average working class family.  It's alright for MSPs on £70,00k to £100k stating Scotland can survive alone.

Let's say a working class family wtih 2 children earn £28,000 per year.

Tell the working class majority of voters,how much better off they will be?

Will the following remain the same: Health Service, Policing, Road Tax, Armed Forces including the Security Services, Employment & Business, Transport & Roads, Education etc...

Will English Businessess based in Scotland relocate if they have to pay us more??

I think it's easy to say your sums don't add up and your having a laugh if you say the working man would be better off splitting from the Northern Ireland, Wales or England.

The majority of voters understand your anti British agenda's and anything that links us to the United Kingdom.  If you could, you would change history by eroding generations of proud scots who's families all over the UK, fought and died for what we have today.

Under Labour or Conservative the majority of all Faiths & Cultures will continue to live in harmony.

Come the month of May 2007 the majority will vote for the Union and will wave goodbye once again to the Nationalist/Republican agenda's.

Name and address supplied, West Lothian


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