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will having a Conservative Provost be good for West Lothian?
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It's only words
Monday, 04 December 2006
SIR, While taking on board all the views about political correctness and word power put forward by persons Corbett, Lard, and Kirkton. I took it upon myself to try and relate these two issues and; I have become more confused than ever. If we are to live in a world in which we now accept as being politically correct, are we not going to have to accept that all dictionary's and Thesaurus's have to be re-written.

The point I am try to come to terms with are the words that are no longer acceptable, and the words that apparently  replace them. To give you some examples, the post politically correct acceptability of words will be in highlights; man and women, to be replaced by person in the context of chairman or chairwoman. The replacement of handicapped, mentally ill and crippled, these now outlawed for the more acceptable differently abled. Deaf is now being replaced with hearing impaired, Indian by Native American or Sub-Continent origin. Manhole will, or is replaced by maintenance cover. Words that I never use but are in some areas, coon, nigger are properly addressed a coloured. The list is endless.

While accepting that a lot of these words, particularly the last in the section, are totally unacceptable, the vast majority, in particular the references to man and woman are, in my belief, totally outrageous.

My conclusion is, whether it is right or wrong is; If they are unacceptable in our everyday language, they should not be a part of the contents of a dictionary or a thesaurus which; could be construed as  promoting these words through print. These and every word that relates to being a politically unacceptable word should be withdrawn from publication. This would include all works of literature that has ever been written.

Or am I being naive to the point of misunderstanding the contributors meanings. Only time will tell !!!.
S.J.  West Lothian

Taxpayers should not bail out Farepak customers
Monday, 04 December 2006
SIR, I would just like to reiterate Frank Lynch's words, I sympathise with each and every Farepak member who has lost money and I have donated to the cause but that was my choice, as for these MPs who are meant to be looking after our interests suggesting that the government match the overall donation total is ludicrous.

I mean what about all those unfortunate people who couldn’t afford to put into a scheme like Farepak and will be without any Christmas presents do they also think they should give a handout to them as well?

I sincerely hope that those unfortunate Farepak customers somehow manage to scrape things together and have as good a Christmas as possible.

To sum up, their was a scheme where people could donate through their own choice and that raised as much as it could, the money should certainly not be coming from the tax payer.

On another note my friend and I had a right good ding dong at the weekend again regarding taxpayers money, he was angry that his place of work were not paying anything towards his Christmas night out which I totally agree with because I would be really angry if I thought my hard earned taxes went on civil servants annual booze up the cost of which would run into millions I would have thought.

Chris, Ladywell

Community wardens not wanted in Stoneyburn
Monday, 04 December 2006
SIR, I would like to point out to Confused from Stoneyburn that the community wardens based there actually do nothing.

They do not do nothing because they are lazy, workshy or malicious; it's because any action they take is met with angry and indifferent attitudes from the Stoneyburn public they are supposed to be serving.

Let's make this simple they are not wanted or needed in Stoneyburn.

Stoneyburn has long been a place that deals with its own law and order issues [mob rule may not be everyones cup of tea but it's very effective] hence Stoneyburn has a low crime rate . Therefore percieved do-gooders coming into the village and sticking their noses in places where they shouldn't be are best advised to keep a low profile .

I lived in Stoneyburn years ago and apart from the frequent marauding of teams of drunken teenagers hanging around the shops [a sight common in most places , you can't blame them , is anything else on offer ?] . I found Stoneyburn a pleasent place to stay.

E.H. Seafield

Farepak reaction is hysterical
Monday, 04 December 2006
SIR, I totally sympathise with Farepak customers; but the hysterical reaction from the leader of the council and the opportunism of certain MP’s with regards to the problem is worrying.

There are a number of factors which contributed to Farepak’s demise; HBOS’s withdrawal of overdraft facilities being only one of them. Are the likes of Jim Devine and Graeme Morrice suggesting that banks should let their debtors off with their obligations, no question asked? What kind of a banking system would we be left with then?

From what I’ve read, Farepak’s real problems began with the purchase of a loss making business. At about that time, another voucher company collapsed and shops were left with worthless vouchers, which they were sanguine enough to honour in that instance, but who subsequently demanded that companies like Farepak finance up front in future, rather than after purchase was made with those vendors. This added to Farepak’s mounting cash flow problems.

Are Graeme Morrice et al now saying we shouldn’t go to those shops?

I’ve calculated that if a Farepak customer was owed an average £500, it would require a fund of £75,000,000 to cover their losses. Let’s face it, unless our Labour bandwagon-jumpers are suggesting that tax-payers cover the debts of collapsed companies, it isn’t going to happen, and it’s wrong of them to give those customers false hope.

If Farepak directors have been on the fiddle, it will come out in the wash and they will be punished; but that would have happened anyway without Labour politicians trying to make a name for themselves on the back of other people’s Christmas woes.

Frank Lynch, East Calder

Let's all pull our momey out of HBOS
Thursday, 30 November 2006
SIR, I hope the west Lothian council pull their money out of HBOS, if they do I will be the first to congratulate them on a job well done.

Time is fast running out for the families affected by the farepack scandal, I like others don't hold much hope of getting our money back, but I would like to see the fat cats responsible for this fiasco suffer financially hit them in the pocket where it hurts most.

I think Graeme Morrice has come up with a fantastic idea and I hope Alan Logan can come up with the goods.

I would like to extend this invitation to all west Lothian customers of HBOS, withdraw your funds and move your accounts to another bank.

I think you might see a slightly different attitude by HBOS when the people stand up and be counted, we are bombarded with appeals for charity at this time of year and the British public are always ready to help, the families of the farepack scandal don’t want charity, so instead of giving think about taking, yes taking from HBOS, they might rethink the situation if their customers start a mass migration.
Martin Sweeny (Craigswood)
P.S I think Kenny Lard, Bathgate is being a little harsh on SJ, maybe the Rev could come back and help SJ out with a tag mach. I have it on good authority the Rev is spending more time on spiritual matters these days but he is not the kind to give up a challenge.

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