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Pupils should have free school meals
Thursday, 23 November 2006
SIR, Mr Colin Fox Scottish Socialist MSP and National Convenor of the SSP is addressing a public meeting on Thursday 30th November in the Bathgate Community Centre at 7.30pm to discuss the party’s bill advocating free school meals for every pupil in Scotland.

Colin will be pointing out one in three kids live in poverty and at least half go without a warm meal each day. One in every five children admitted to the Sick Kids hospitals all over the country display signs of malnutrition.

The only proper way to ensure pupils have a healthy nutritious meal is for the introduction of free school meals for all pupils. Eliminating means testing and helping eradicate both the stigma and class system which pollutes our schools. A poor diet has a detrimental effect on both a pupil’s ability to learn and their behaviour in school.

Scotland’s health is at chronic levels with the main ingredients of our diet being overloaded with fat, sugar and salt, all of which have massively contributed to childhood obesity, which is increasing every year at an alarming rate.

The bill proposed by the Scottish Socialist party has the backing of anti-poverty campaigners, health professionals, teachers and dieticians.

The costing of the bill would mean spending £1.77 per day on each pupil. Over a period of years this would directly save the money that is being spent by the NHS to tackle illnesses directly related to a poor diet. It is a damming indictment against the Labour Government that they are able to help finance Bush’s illegal war in Iraq and are unable to spend the money that would ensure a healthy future for Scotland’s children.

We the members of the and Linlithgow and Livingston constituency party, offer an open invitation to all members of the public to attend this crucial meeting to have the opportunity to discuss with Colin the proposed bill and any other subjects they have in mind. Please remember that mass public support is vital to bring about change in Government policy so please attend if possible, it is the nations health that is at stake.   

Ally Hendry, Linlithgow Constituency Branch Secretary Scottish Socialist Party

Is Rev preaching somewhere else?
Tuesday, 21 November 2006
SIR, I cant help wondering about the above gentleman since his last posting here
was on September 1st.

As mainly a reader of these letters, with no axe to grind, I have noticed  there has been no mention by anyone of the lack of communication from the  Rev McLuskey. I am just wondering if he is alright.

I say this with all sincerity and no sarcasm.

John Stewart, Craigshill

Comfort of politically correct zone
Tuesday, 21 November 2006
SIR, I must apologise to Mr Corbett, I didn't realise he was so frightened of being out of his political correct zone.

I have always been told not to use people's afflictions to undermine them. If he wants, I can go through to "The Beeches" and take him out in case the big boys take his dinner money off him.

The 3 meals a day was to highlight that many people do not get this luxury, this inclusive of homeless people and many pensioners. And yes I did look up the prison report, this was obviously made up by the same politically correct person that runs about with a wallet full of public money, too frightened not to toe the line in case his golden goose is plucked away from him.

The rest of your comments were about someone with the initials J.S., was that me or are you another one that makes mistakes with spelling and grammar, me, I am not frightened to admit to that.

Your interpretation on my comments on Capital punishment seem to be the rantings of a solicitor, take what you say and twist it round and use it against you. Plain speaking is obviously not your Forte, is it ?

The point of this was, the present politically motivated ways we try to convert sadistic murderers into flower power loving people isn't working. The amount of people being killed is at an unacceptable level and we have to try and find a way to deal with it, or do you think innocent peoples lives are worth the perseverance.
One of my family was inflicted with horrible injuries from an unprovoked knife attack, someone that brings home the violent world in which we live, and the way we accept it as a by-product of our only, to lenient laws.

I hope that you are never in the situation that I found myself in and yes, it does make you bitter. Injuries like he sustained will not be comforted by "Human rights Laws".
S.J.  West Lothian.
PS  The editor has my permission to send you the picture of what I mean, and you can honestly say, that if this happened to one of your family, you would accept the all to often soft and lenient sentences handed down to the perpetrators of these crimes.

If you can, I couldn't honestly look into my loved ones faces when I admitted that.

McVeigh clan prove elusive
Tuesday, 21 November 2006
SIR, I have had a number of interesting responses about this elusive clan.

I note a subscriber comments that the clan may have been instrumental in introducing whisky to Scotland from Ireland and also that there are clan members in the City of Glasgow.

Well I would't know about that but let me tell you some recent findings.

The McVeigh family can trace their ancestors back to the 11-12 century in Scotland and held considerable land. They were also allied with some very influential families. A previous writer was absolutely right as the clan McLean claims the McVeighs as a sept or an affiliated family and entitled to wear both tartans.

There is also a strong connection with the Irish clan and like many Scots the clan most likely originated over the water. It is worth noting that when Robert the Bruce sent his brother to Ireland with an army one of the foremost warriors in Ireland was a McVeigh.

The McVeigh name is an ancient name both in Scotland and Ireland and has distinguished its name over the centuries. Scots and Irish today should wear it with pride.

I am still putting out a call for local McVeighs in the area to identify themselves and their family background and help me with the research into "what has happened to this ancient family name"

J.Hunt, Livingston

Rants go over the top
Monday, 20 November 2006
SIR, SJ's latest over the top response to my letter of the 16th of November deserves to be answered at length.

In his letter JS accuses me of writing 'articles' devoid of 'fact' and of failure to respond to his so-called 'opinions'.  Not so. In his letter of Monday the 13th of November SJ expressed the opinion that the prison population in the UK enjoyed 'hotel like conditions'.  I responded by saying that his view was simplistic and in support of my position I advised him to look up a recent report on Wormwood Scrubs, which describes the conditions for the inmates as living under as a regime of torture.

The report is authored by Peter Quinn a Prison Governor with 30years service. Mr Quinn is no doubt another member of SJ's Goody, Goody brigade that he is always banging on about. By the way, SJ has mentioned his Christian beliefs, however in his letter of the 13th he appears to begrudge the occupants of the British Prison System medical attention and food. Is that not a bit lacking in the spirit of Christianity JS?

On 10th of Nov SJ asserted that Frank Lynch, whilst proclaiming his unbelief in a deity, was accepting religion through the back door by giving gifts to his kids on Dec 25th.  I pointed out that Christmas was a usurpation of a pagan festival and giving gifts was therefore not necessarily a religious act. Now that's a fact. In the same letter he dragged in the 'Tooth Fairy' to reinforce his case against Frank. I pointed out that there are no religious connotations around the 'Tooth Fairy' whatsoever. Now that's also a fact.

I would also point out that responding to SJ's and countering his so-called 'opinions' is often difficult because of his convoluted prose. Quite simply it is often difficult to work out what he is trying to say. Apart from his obvious grinding on endlessly about 'Political Correctness' being at the root of all societies ills that is.

Anyway here are a couple of examples of what I mean by the above.

"After all, our soldiers are dying in Iraq for an illegal war. (Supposedly)"This comes at the end of a paragraph advocating capital punishment as in the USA.  Could he be suggesting that our Army is fighting in Iraq for the reinstatement of capital punishment in Great Britain?

In another one of his contributions having a pop at Frank Lynch (nothing new there then)  SJ wrote: "Once again the raving Frank is being Frank. The reason the country is in a mess, is the way he and others have taken an opinion and turned it into a horrible assault in their eyes."

"Taken an opinion and turned it into a horrible assault in their eyes." Anybody any idea as to what this could mean?

SJ also accuses me of writing slanderous stuff. The man has more front than Blackpool for what are the following lines other than a gross slander? "I ask this as many of these people only know 4 words in English, "asylum, seeker, social, and security. I know this sounds racist but this "is" actually the case in many of the people who are in our country?"  And he has the brass neck to accuse me of being 'venomous'.

I have read nothing of SJ's that would convince me that he is anything other than a  reactionary totally intolerant of opinions that conflict with his narrow world view.

Finally, some time ago JS told us he didn't mind someone having a pop at him. I wonder why he has changed his mind?

SJ in the words of Bart Simpson "Eat my shorts".

James 'Politically Correct' Corbett, West Lothian

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