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will having a Conservative Provost be good for West Lothian?
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How can non-believer be bigoted?
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
SIR, There is a strange sense of delusional victimhood on the part of a certain number of correspondents to this page occupying the wilder shores of protestantism which declares I'm a bigot, even though I've written on many occasions that I don't believe in organised or even disorganised religion.

My point is that though I disagree with it, any religion or nutcase cult are welcomed with outstretched arms by the government if they're willing to stump up the cash to a sufficient degree to subsidise educational establishments; and that is the current reality.

Schools should be the place where facts are taught and places of worship should be for the teaching of religious belief; and never should the twain meet.
Frank Lynch, East Calder

PC brigade are ruining our once great country
Tuesday, 19 December 2006
SIR, I see that the attacks of SJ from Lard, Kirkton and Corbett are continuing.

I also see that none of these gents answer the points that SJ raises. Can any one of them really deny that political correctness is not ruining this once great country of ours.

We have parents in fear of the law for correcting their own children. The result of this is kids who have no respect for anyone or anything.

We have gays going through pretend weddings and even adopting kids. Where is all that going to end.

We cannot put Christmas trees in case we offend some non-Christians. Do they bother about the offence they cause us?  Then there are the low prison sentences handed out to thugs. Is that not a encouragement to the drug dealers and their thug pals.

Look at the recent carry on in the Lambhill area of Glasgow a community living in fear of drug dealing scum. And what help are they getting from the police - Police protection no chance - they are told look after yourself.

It's time Lard, Kirkton and Corbett realised that they are part of the problem and started being realistic about what's happening around them.

William Stewart, Broxburn

The same old bigoted story
Monday, 18 December 2006
SIR, As per usual if anyone dares questions the links to schools and sectarianism you get the same old response from people like Mr Lynch "put your money where your bigoted mouth is" very mature.

I'll let the people on the page decide who they think the bigot is,
JM Livingston

Education education religion
Monday, 18 December 2006
SIR, The old subject of education in collaboration with religion is back in the forum.

Most people seem to agree that there shouldn't be a marriage of these two institutions and I for one; certainly agree with the contributors, but not for the reasons they share. Maybe if we stopped trying to score goals against each other, then maybe, through public pressure, we can get the politicians and religious leaders to sit down and discuss the best way forward.

I have always stated that these two subjects shouldn't be related, religion in my view is a private and personal thing that should be conducted within their own place of worship.

One person states that the Catholic  church contributes £20 million to their education, with the amount of Catholic schools in Scotland, this wouldn't supply them with pencils and jotters. Lets take this ridiculous sum out of the picture, let the Catholic church spend it's money on more needed things around the world.

The other person relates to being Pro-Protestant, this is also something that should be let out of the debate. I have always been under the belief that we have public schools; and not Proddie ones. These are schools where all kids can go to without any reference to religion.

As one contributor pointed out, and I agree with his views on this. The most fundamental creation of religious divide comes when we separate our kids when they are 5 years of age. kids will know that friends from next door or down the street is at another school. Then comes the innocent questions of, mum, dad, why is Jimmy at another school?.

I have heard some of the replies given by some parents and this is only through their religious bigotry, Oh he is a Catholic B, or he is a proddie C.

Maybe if these scenarios were taken away, this would be one less obstacle in our way for religious sanity. The biggest hurdle I think is getting the politicians to bite the bullet and make education religious free. We are the ones who should be forcing the politicians for an end to religious hatred.

S.J.   West Lothian

Tommy's cardinal error
Monday, 18 December 2006
SIR, Tommy, I haven't read any Caridnal's views anywhere, so I don't know what you're talking about.

You state that religion should be kept behind church doors. Then illogically you bleat that protestants don't get equality of religion in non denom schools; I presume you feel every other religion does.

It's also instructive you didn't choose to reply to my point that morning assembly is usually led by protestant ministers in Scottish non-denom schools. Isn't that administering to your faith? You also chose to ignore the fact that catholic or indeed any cult can set up their own faith based schools, as long as they're willing to pay for the privilege.

Anyway you have a lovely winterchristmasval.
Frank Lynch, East Calder

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