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Psychic Francesca

It is great to be back writing for The West Lothian News again - check out my website www.psychicfrancesca.co.uk  

Let go of the dead wood

Dear Francesca, Do the cards show a relationship for me soon?

Hi, Relationships have not been easy for you and one person in particular still has quite an affect on your viewpoint. This can cloud how you see new people who come into your life so I think it's time to let go of the "deadwood". You are an intelligent lady with a lot to offer the right person and this is the time to allow the new guy the chance! He isn't very far away, theres a work connection here so look around and go to any work related functions. By the end of this year you will be a lot happier about
relationship issues. Who is the man who wears the paramedic or similar uniform?

Who's the lady with the diary?

Dear Francesca, Will I make it as a creative writer?

Hi, All the signs show that you have a talent that's worth investigating further. As a medium I have to trust my instincts daily and you have to do the same! There's a feeling here of a great imagination that
needs to be explored and you have probably been considering writing for a long time. I have an impression of you as a child puting thoughts on paper, quite possibly on an adventurous theme. Have you ever thought about writing a novel about the police force or criminals? Please explore this further, join a writing class if you feel the need but don't waste a good talent. There's a lady in spirit on a grandmother level who kept a diary, this may be of interest to your work.

House move in store

Dear Francesca, I have been with my boyfriend for four years, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere

Hi, I feel your relationship is moving but not quite as fast as you would like it. Your partner seems worried about finances and when they improve then things will definitely seem better. There's a move of house in store for you in the next 3 or so months and commitments become stronger for you both. He really does care so be patient and it will all be worth while.  

Readings were very impressive

Dear Francesca, I have had the pleasure of meeting you for a reading and also had a postal reading. I was very impressed by both

Hi, Thank you for e-mailing me with your feedback. It's always lovely to get and to know that you have enjoyed your reading. If you want another reading in the future, I will always do my best to fit in people I've seen before as quickly as possible. Again, thank you and I hope you will  be in touch again soon.

Is big guy upstairs trying to tell me something?

Dear Francesca, I have watched you regularly on Sky 886 for past couple of months and have texted and left "caller comments", It's so frustrating, as the twice I think you have started to draw cards, or just answer by tuning into my voice, somebody calls me so I don't hear the answer you give.. Think the big guy upstairs trying to tell me something?? I would love to have a reading with you either by phone or face to face, My friend and I would both come through to you at a time that was convenient to all of us, as we live in Crieff.

Hi , Thanks for your e-mail and I'm so sorry you keep missing your answer on the show. I work from home too so if you want to book a reading just get in touch and I'll arrange it. Also if you have a larger group in mind, I'm happy to travel to Crieff. I'm also looking at a lot of local
venues for my tour so if you have anywhere in mind let me know and I'll get in touch with the people involved. Once again, thanks for getting in touch and I hope to hear from you soon.

Should I take up mediumship?

Dear Francesca, exciting news about your book and forthcoming tour. I see you're doing more web work on the zone now, it's difficult to speak to you!! hope your tour will include glasgow, my new flat is in dumbarton but id travel to see you!. Have thought about coming through for a private reading but with you in london for the show and me teaching all week i wasn't sure how easy it would be. Hope stv take the hint and do a programme about you. You have got me interested in the tarot after doing my reiki 1 & 2 although you said you felt it was mediumship for me, have a book at minute. Best of luck with your plans they sound exciting. keep me posted of your tour dates

Hi, Thanks for your e-mail, it cheered me up. As to readings, I travel all over Scotland to work and am spending more time here now. Also I am working  at home too if anyone wants to come and see me. I can usually fit folk in within a month so you can bear it in mind. If you have a group of people then I can arrange to come through. I'm looking at venues for my tour and if you can think of a local one then give me the details and I'll get in touch with them. Glad to hear your happy with your move and hope to hear from you soon.

He's thinking about the future

Dear Francesca, will he take the step and move in ? if so, when ?

The first thing that came through here is that he is thinking about the future and it seems to make him happy. There is commitment and he feels ready to settle down so these are all positive signs that you could be happy as a couple. If you want to look at the bigger picture I would recommend booking a reading.

He will be back in touch

Dear Francesca, please could you tell me if I will ever get a call again from Ryan who is a libra me taurus, many thanks, Fran your work is fab

Thank you for e-mailing me. Ryan looks as though he is going to be back in touch and dont be worried if it takes him a week or so from now as he seems to be very busy when I look at his energy. Thank you also for your lovely feedback, it's really appreciated.

Don't allow past to influence future

Dear Francesca, Hi watch you on Sky. Wondering will I be treated like a doormat in next relationship. Last 1 ended bad. Big fan.

Thank you for e-mailing me. The feeling with this is that you know where you went wrong in your last relationship and no one will ever put you in that position again! The only thing I would caution you on is don't allow the past to influence the future on a negative level as it looks like someone really nice   is about. It's important to be realistic but to banish negativity which can restrict the good things in life coming towards us. If you need advice on positive affirmations, mantras or cord cutting, I'm available for readings and advice.

A lot to look forward to

Dear Francesca, can you tell me if my grandfather is doin ok?

Thank you for e-mailing me. I've looked at this question and what comes through with it is a tremendous amount of love being sent in your direction. It brings with it calmness for you as recently you have been finding things a bit difficult and the feeling is that you will shortly have
a lot to look forward to. If you would like to look into this more I'm available for readings.

Pain is a thing of past on other side

Dear Francesca, is there a length of time you have to wait when someone has passed and is it true that the person whohas passed over has to accept what has happened just the same as us

Thank you for e-mailing me. In answer to your question I link into spirit very easily and always do my utmost to contact the folk who have passed. Having said that there are never any guarantees that they will be around or listening at that particular time. I've had someone who has passed come through to me the next day but sometimes it takes time. I dont feel
that they have to wait a specific time but it's more about if they are around at the time, I hope that answers your question. As to acceptance, spirit comes through in many ways but the one thing that stands out is that once they pass pain and worries are a thing of the past left here where they belong. When we look at the people who are left behind, then I'm a firm believer that everyone must be allowed to heal at their own pace. This in time brings acceptance. If you would like to book a reading to link in on a spiritual level then please give me a call. Best wishes.

See Francesca on Psychic TV, Channel 886

She can be contacted for readings on 01506 461165 or 07866 736 567, or visit her website on www.psychicfrancesca.co.uk .
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