The Distorting Technique: 3 Dead Giveaways a Political Leader is Incompetent

We are experiencing a time where a few of the most effective people turn to using unfavourable personal attacks on challenges, frequently choosing not to take personal obligation. They then resort to lying and if that does not work, resort to placing the blame on others. This is called the Distorting and Denial Technique. In this post, we briefly talk about the three dead giveaways that prove a political leader is using this technique.

1. Lies: Political Truth

Political leaders alter their public positions continuously. They will then continue to reject that they had never stated or said what they indeed did. If political leaders who make use of this tactic has a reasonably significant following, there is a considerable probability that these acts will be accepted as the norm.

2. Rejections

This happens when someone rejects facts known to the public altogether.

In doing so, a political leader implicates others, denies his responsibility and places blame on others. In most cases, this person will also take credit for something they did not do. Thanks to false news and social media, these rejections spread like wildfire and the public suffers because of it. Usually, political leaders who make use of these tactics has an established following, not questioning their leader but blindly following their statements.

3. Complain and Blame

Characteristics of this act are outright blaming without giving any substantial evidence or providing the public with efficient services. While there may be some political figures out there who are sincere, those who thrive on shifting blame and justifying it with complaints are still around. As previously mentioned, those leaders who utilize the distortion technique to govern still have a lot of followers who will not question their actions.

What the world need is visionary management that concentrates on innovative, out-of-the-box, feasible options, for the greater good. Sadly, the Diverting and Distorting Technique appears to focus on ego, instead of bringing others together.