5 Factors to Consider to Curb Mass Murders

There just may be a chance to fix the issue of mass murders triggered by people with weapons. Political leaders have to recognize they are incorrect on the subject of weapon control. Here, we take a look at five things our political leaders should take into consideration to curb mass murders.

1. Weapons are Not the Problem

Guns do not kill people. Disturbed people with arms kill people. We can all concur that we have a real public security issue in the US today triggered by a system that is broken. Regrettably, we have great deals of proof of what can fail when the system stops working. It’s time for people to stop talking and start providing real responses.

2. Political Leaders

We need to have the political leaders to stop politicizing this issue. They, more than anybody, have lagged the culture of violence found in America today. The liberalization of the media, tv, films, and online games have been safeguarded with little or no regard for the results they trigger. There should be limitations on what Hollywood can produce and what is made available to the public. Our political leaders are crucial to making this change.

3. Automatic Weapons

We also know that the ideal safeguards their 2nd modification rights in validating weapons like the AR-15. Automatic weapons have long been prohibited as is owning a bazooka, but the ideal correctly specifies that the AR-15 is not an automatic weapon. The issue with the AR-15 is not whether it is an automatic weapon. A 9mm pistol has a muzzle speed of 1250 feet per second (FPS). When the bullet strikes a bone, it stops.

4. Background Checks

Under today’s system, who is accountable for inspecting a person’s background when they go to purchase a weapon? The weapon shopkeeper is. That is other than if it’s a personal sale or a weapon show, in which case nobody does a background check (and there is no 3-day cool off period). The weapon shopkeeper, whose job it is to sell weapons, does the background check. There is an apparent dispute of interest there.

5. Public Security

Even more, there is no real point where all the individuals’ info comes together. In the Broward County attack, the person had a history of mental disorder. He had published false declarations on his website, people had reported him to the FBI, and the authorities had been to his house over thirty times.

Nobody was singularly accountable for stating “This person must not have the ability to purchase or own a weapon.” For the very same factor, public security, we need not protect his right to own a weapon under the 2nd change. Public safety needs to bypass his 2nd change rights.